Thursday, January 12, 2012

After God's Heart

Apologies as I've been busy catching up on life but thought I had posted this. Never the less, I want to share this with everyone. Enjoy!
As of Sept 25th I had 5 weeks left of radiation and I must say it has not been without incidence.  What have I learned through this ordeal?  People make the world we live in and those we let in it determine your world and mine.  Can it be that simple to allow or not allow people to know how you feel, how we hurt, if we are happy and enjoy each others company?  I am not saying to complain or brag but to communicate with one another.  God knows I share this with you for a reason but I will never know who or how it affects people.  Are we that frightened to share the most intimate part of our lives because we fear the ridicule or judgments of weakness because we choose to share our lives with others the way God intended us to live?  I am not speaking about gossiping but sharing our lives.  Have you ever wondered why is it that we only share our lives with those few people that we trust?  Is it that we only trust a few people in our lives?  No, it is that these people have proven that they are trust worthy.  People have made such a difference in my life, as I am sure they have made in yours.  Where would you be today if not for your parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, and best friends?  My husband has been a real champ!  I mean it, no one understands what men endure or take on as responsibilities while their wives deal with such illnesses, at least those who choose to stay.  Not just the meals, cleaning, housework, on top of their daily jobs, they also have to balance the harmony or fatigue in the home.  My husband checks for fever's, ensures I'm drinking plenty of water, plans our meals, at times dresses me when I'm too tired to change after a long day.  He reminds me I am beautiful even on the days I don't feel that I am.  He even endures the continuous trips to McDonald's when nothing seems to satisfy me accept for their french fries and all without a single complaint.  However, that does not make my husband special, no that is all in his job description he says.  What makes him special is that even when I am at my lowest point, he manages to lift my spirits by reminding me this is temporary.  Simple words from a simple man that makes my whole world turn around.  What more could I ask for in life, thank you God for my husband.  The fact that God is perfect is not the amazing part.  In fact, it is how He coordinated so many people around me that play such an important part in my life.  Each person precisely placed at just the right time, the right place, and with the perfect words to share.  Coincidence, no, not at all, in fact, it is God’s perfection at its best.  It is my belief that we all are here to share, explore, learn, and create together with one another.  Do not let God’s great works go unnoticed by not speaking, listening, and feeling with those God has placed before us.  Do not over think this, it is simple, and we simply must be brotherly and sisterly to one another and let God do the rest.  After all, God has placed those around us for the purposes that we need and it is in Him that we trust.  Therefore, I thank God every day for the little things, the special people, and the smiles and conversations of strangers.  For either I am there for them or they are there for me, either way, someone is following God's will!
 "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." John 13:34

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