Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unseen Blessings

First, I would like to express my love, gratitude, and thanks to those of you who read and follow my blog.  You all are so kind to send messages, notes, and cards and I cannot thank you enough.  I feel so blessed to have such special friends and I feel the same way about each of you!  You all are my blessings I thank God for you daily!  J
Tuesday I followed-up my 2nd round of chemo (finally after a 3 wk wait) with the dreaded shot that makes me feel yucky!  Of course I will pray over it, as I always do before every little drop of IV fluids, medications, and injections are given to me, that God allows it to perform its job and nothing else.
My hair did not make it completely through to the 2nd cycle but heck I was surprised it still started to grow after the 1st one.  Now if you can picture this, I am beginning to look a little mangy and have several bald spots, but that’s what wigs are for.  My daughter (thank God for her) will whack off the remainder of it today so that it can stop hurting every time I touch it or wear my headpieces.  My pillow even disturbs my hair and we cannot have that happening, cranky will surely show up.  J
When I went for my first attempt to the 2nd follow-up of chemo, I was so discouraged that I couldn’t have it due to my liver enzymes being too high, I actually cried.  I wanted to move on and get with the program.  I had psyched myself out to not cry when the needle went in this time and that I would be very strong.  I left the my appointment feeling let down and yes I cried, however, my loving daughter hugged me and said something good would come out of this and she was right.  Those of you who know me know I dislike giving up my control over this whole ordeal and now I wanted to take some back.  So, what did I do at 4am the next day?  I rented a car, booked a hotel, and set forth on an adventure across Texas to Arkansas!
We arrived in Texarkana to place our feet on both sides of the state lines and then off to Murfreesboro, Arkansas.  What’s in Arkansas?  Only the one free Diamond mine in the country that allows you to dig and keep anything you find and they do mean anything.  The day before we arrived, they found 3 small diamonds!  We had a great trip but only returned with Quartz, Jasper, and Agate but not bad for city girls that only brought gloves, a bucket, and GPS.  Then it was off the next day to Hot Springs Arkansas!  What a beautiful town and what delightful weather, everyone should go there during the spring.  Our first sight was the observation tower, which only highlighted the beautiful city.  Then off to visit one of the first Bath Houses that operated during the 1920’s, what a treat.  For those of you who are history buffs and or love to see old nostalgic scenes of the past, then you are in for a treat!  Best of all, the Fordyce (sp) House was free to tour and it took some time to see all three levels and the basement.  I will not give away all its wonders except that it was coed and all of its original tools, beds, baths, massage parlors, beauty parlors, and equipment are all there for your eyes to see.  It truly was a Spa for the 20’s for those who could afford to come and enjoy the hot springs water from the wonderful city.  Another good note, the Corvette Convention was in town and Hillary was in awe of the vintage sport cars, fun for all!  We returned safely with pictures in hand, memories, funny stories, and a smile on our faces! So far from what I left behind and for the first time, I was grateful to have the time to be a way from chemo, work, and my friends whom I miss dearly.  We definitely enjoyed great moments in our sliver lining and encourage you to look past the difficulties and trust in God!
I want thank you all for encouraging me to keep fighting and to my daughter for joining me on my adventure.  Today I leave you with this prayer: “Loving Father, help us to have faith in the unexpected and trust in your providence even when we cannot see past what is comfortable and known.”  I hope you all can see the many blessings in your life between the silver lining and the closed doors/windows the next time you feel let down or discouraged.  Just because our hearts get broken or we feel discouraged does not mean that God has not paved a new path.  We just need to trust in Him or like Nana always says, “Let go and let God”.  Love you all, and remember each of you mean the world to me!  Love you all! 

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