Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You!

So much has happened in the few weeks that I have written, God is prominent in my life and has blessed me so! I finally completed my first 14-day chemo treatment without interruption and only a small change in my reaction to the treatment, thank you God!  I am planning to return to work against my physician’s urge to return in June, but I have faith that God shall protect me from all harm.  My doctor fears that by working in a hospital I will be around those who will cause me more harm.  However, this is my family, and if my husband who loves me and is never sick, so managed to protect me from his strep throat, pink eye, and bloody ears after my first chemo treatment, my family will do their best to keep me safe too!  I also graduated Magna Cum Lade from Ashford University and traveled safely both ways, thank you Jesus!
Reaching a milestone as great as this gives one such a sense of accomplishment and no matter how different the end in achieving it was, in comparison to what I had imagined, it still felt awesome!  As I traveled through three states by car to receive my highly sought after diploma, I could not help but see the devastation left behind by tornadoes, floods, and wind.  An almost overwhelming fear set in on me as I thought how far away from home I was and without my husband to protect me.  Three women set on a notion that I must “walk” the stage after all life had handed me, but to what degree?  Then I remembered a conversation with my uncle Robert who called me when he heard my devastating news and when I was scared the most.  “No, don’t be scared!”  He stated.  “There is nothing to be afraid of for God is infinite in His wisdom and when you trust in Him all things are possible!”  He is a Vietnam Vet who demonstrates strength and perseverance in all that he does.  He was a young boy leaving home to fight in a war he knew nothing of, but left with one thing he treasured most in life, his mother’s blessing.  He finalized his life before setting out, a boy turned into a man in a weeks time, stating what to do with the life insurance should anything happen to him.  He asked that his mother spend it on herself to do whatever she wanted, however, his mother assured him, he would return and he held fast to her words.  So today I remembered his words, there is nothing to fear people and we must be bold and strong if not as one, then as a team.  God so created us in His likeness that we are not creatures that waiver, in fact, we are made in His strength, kindness, and spirituality.  Our hands, mouths, and hearts must continue where Jesus left this earth.  Stand together to heal one another if not through prayer then through heartfelt, strong, and uplifting words of encouragement.  We should not be scared or frightened to believe that we can conquer anything the enemy places in our path.  I know, I struggle with this same issue myself, however, united with my precious cheerleaders, I continue to believe I can do this!  We cannot lead through fear, but grasp the reigns and trust that He wants us to pray, council, testify, and most importantly heal people.  Yes, we can heal each other!  Why if it were not for my constant reminders, weekly notes at my doorstep, and phone conversations that encourage me to continue, I am not so sure I would be so bold.  A read of the Blessed Mother’s sorrowful following of her son’s last day on earth and how she stayed with Him until they removed Him from the tree, all along knowing how and why it had to happen.  Is there any question as to why Catholics celebrate the Holy Virgin Mary the entire month of May?  Can we as believers have that compassion and understanding to continue His cause and believe as Mary did?  Are we followers of faith or are we failing each other?  Today I stand to acknowledge those who are always ready to take up our fights, assist us in all we do without question, and or if not to simply thank them for their continued support!  Thank you Argelia, Celeste, Hillary, and Santos, who are the best cheerleaders anyone could ask for in this lifetime!  Remember, today is the gift, share it, embrace it, and tell those dear to you that you love them!  Love you all!  Brenda

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